Golf Cart Salvage

Golf cart salvage yards tend to specialize in the sale of both new and salvaged golf cart parts and accessories. You can find golf cart salvage yards that list an entire inventory of salvaged parts that you can use for repairing your golf cart and some of the salvage yards will offer parts locating services if they do not have the part you need.

What Golf Cart Salvage Yards Have To Offer

Many golf cart salvage yards offer nationwide shipping solutions and some are even willing to ship parts internationally. Some golf car salvage yards will sell rebuilt golf carts or salvage carts for rebuild projects. The carts do not only have to be used on a golf course so these salvage yards offer an inexpensive method for people to get golf carts and parts for a variety of uses and industry applications. A working golf cart can be used in private or island communities, parks, zoos, RV parks, condominium sites, farms, college campuses, garden centers, cemeteries, motels, hotels, warehouses, camp grounds, waste management industries, and by bus companies. Sometimes used and repaired golf carts are also used by automobile dealerships, apartment complex management personnel, airports, property management companies, landscapers, park facilities, boating sites, and some are even used by other salvage and junk yards.

What Can I Expect At A Salvage Supplier?

Salvage golf cart suppliers either buy used or damaged golf carts from cart owners and companies or they buy salvaged golf carts at auction. The vehicles are commonly auctioned off “as is” and then either dismembered so that the parts can be sold or they are resold to consumers looking for a rebuild project. When you are buying parts from a golf cart salvage yard you will want to make every attempt to make sure the salvage yard has a return policy, just in case you get an unneeded or the incorrect part. A return policy can also protect you in the event you buy a part from a salvage yard and it is defective. Bear in mind that if you are buying the entire golf cart from a salvage yard then it is likely you will not be able to return it, and you are buying from the reseller “as is” equipment.

When buying a salvage golf cart in its entirety you will want to talk to the salvage yard owner about how much it might cost to repair the vehicle. You should ask about the type of title you will be provided with and what state the cart was last titled in when it was operational. It’s a good idea to ask about the last odometer reading on the cart and what the primary damage on the cart is as well. You can also ask others who have dealt with the salvage seller before on forums such as Buggies Gone Wild (http://www.buggiesgonewild.com/).

What Can I Expect To Find At Salvage Lots?

The vast array of parts sold by golf cart salvage yards is astounding. Consumers and businesses can find parts for steering, starter generators, speed controls, solenoid replacement, rear suspensions, mufflers, lighting, ignition parts, fuel systems, front suspensions, filters, engines, fuses, electrical components, electric motors, control cables, clutches, charging systems, carburetors, brakes, belts, seals, bearings, batteries, and accelerators. In many cases the parts sold at golf cart salvage yards also include entire golf cart bodies that are in relatively good or even repairable condition.

Salvage yards typically have salvaged gasoline operated and electric powered golf cart options made by manufacturers like Club Car®, Cushman®, E-Z Go®, Melex®, Harley Davidson®, Pargo®, and Yamaha®. Some salvage yards are accessible to those who live locally and the individual can visit the yard in person to pick up parts; other salvage part suppliers only sell products through online means. Those yards with physical locations sometimes buy old golf carts so they can be parted out or sold. You can find golf cart salvage yards by searching for them under a variety of terms since these yards are sometimes identified as junk yards and some salvage yards sell golf cart parts in addition to salvaged auto parts.

Parts 4 Cars Offers Options For Used Parts

Parts4Carts specializes in selling old, hard to find or obsolete golf carts and parts. The company is located in harvest Alabama and hosts a huge inventory of salvage golf cart parts, carts and accessories. Parts can be ordered and shipped through UPS, and the company also has a lot you can physically visit if you are searching for a particular salvage golf cart for a rebuild project. You are provided with instant access to the company’s inventory online or you can contact the company if you are looking for a part you cannot find listing in their existing inventory too. For more information visit http://www.parts4carts.com/.

Golf carts are used in more areas than on the greens. Not only are golf carts used for golfing, they can be used at campgrounds, resorts, parks, ranches, farms, for hunting, at assisted living centers, and they are even used at some dog shows.

Golf carts are utilized at car dealerships, malls, cemeteries, apartment complexes, warehouses, zoos, and more. Basically, a golf cart serves as a simple, affordable means of transport, which can be used by individuals or businesses for a variety of purposes.

Pros And Cons Of Golf Cart Salvage

Eventually, if you own a golf cart or a fleet of golf carts they will require maintenance and repair. By buying golf cart salvage options it is possible to save a lot of money over the long term as you keep one or more golf carts maintained. What's more, the reliance on parts dealers and salvage yards helps you in finding difficult to find parts or components if your golf cart model is no longer manufactured.

One of the disadvantages of golf cart salvage yards is that they really are few and far between. Few companies specialize in golf cart salvage. There are a number of salvage yards that specialize in auto salvage and golf cart salvage, but it can be difficult to locate a part or salvage golf cart, especially when not every salvage yard offers every kind of cart model available.

Another disadvantage associated with golf cart salvage options is that salvage yards are commonly located in areas of the nation where golfing is the most popular. You can find a number of salvage yards in North Carolina, Florida, and California, but it may be more difficult for you to locate a cart salvage yard in the North East, where the weather turns cold for the winter. This means if you are serious about getting salvaged parts, either you will need to travel or you will need to place your orders online.

Popular Golf Cart Salvage Models

Club Car golf carts are commonly offered in salvage yards; these carts are popular among golf enthusiast, but the company also makes carts that ideally serve as utility carts too. Many Yamaha models have powerful motors, regenerative brakes, and spacious bodies. Visone Auto Mart has salvage RV and golf cart selections. The company is located in East Bernstadt, Kentucky. Their inventory changes regularly and includes things like Club Car and Zone electric cars. For more information visit http://en.visonerv.com/.

Yamaha golf carts remain popular among consumers because they are simple to maintain, powerful, and spacious. With a Yamaha golf cart, you get plenty of space to tote along your clubs, belongings, or whatever you want to transport. AEV is a company that actually sells Yamaha golf cart salvage selections to salvage yards and parts dealers. To find out more information visit http://aevgolfcars.com/about.html.


EZ-Go® carts are a popular brand of salvaged golf carts; the carts are top selling golf carts in the industry, and when new carts become available, sometimes carts are sold to replace the old. Other times, the carts are salvaged so they can be used for rebuild projects or parts. Affordable Golf Carts is a family operated business selling new, used, and salvaged EZ-Go® golf carts. The company serves several areas in Florida. For more information visit http://www.affordablecarts.com/default.html.

Popular Golf Cart Salvage Yards Online

G and C Repair Center is a popular repair center where you can get one of many wrecked salvage golf cart options. The company has proved its longevity in the parts and services industry since they have been in business for more than twenty years. This center is popular because it sells salvaged golf carts, parts, accessories, and if you do not see the cart you need, the business operator will try to help you find a salvaged golf cart for your needs. The company is located at 150 SW Shannon Avenue in Melbourne, Florida. The company offers a special ten percent discount for first time customers too. For more information visit http://gandcrepaircenter.com/WRECK.aspx.

3Guys Golf Carts

3Guys Golf Carts specializes in the sale of a wide array of carts and parts; the company is popular because their website is simple to navigate and easy to search. You can find all terrain carts, passenger transport carts, golf carts that are street legal, utility golf carts, or electric golf carts. The company has Club Car, Star EV, and EZ Go® golf cart options. You can browse products online or search listings on the site based on new, used, or salvage options. For more information visit http://www.3guysgolfcarts.com/find-golf-carts/new+used/golf+cart/for-sale/1180.


AEV is located at 237 South Bent Avenue in San Marcos, California. This company is a popular company that sells salvage golf carts to salvage yards. The company specializes in the sale of new and used or refurbished carts, and they have EZ Go®, Club Car, Yamaha, Columbia Par Car, and Taylor Dunn golf carts, parts, and accessories. The company's longevity in the industry is a testament to the level of customer service they offer. This company has been in business for four decades. For more information visit http://aevgolfcars.com/about.html.

Block Buster Golf Cars, Inc.

Block Buster Golf Cars, Inc. sells salvage golf carts and parts in Fort Lauderdale, the Florida Keys, Palm Beach, and Miami. The company is located at 1870 North West 54th Avenue in Margate, Florida. Block Buster Golf Cars, Inc. sells parts and carts worldwide. The company sells and buys from salvage yards and has parts or components for Yamaha, Club Car, EZ Go®, Columbia CarPark, and Hummer golf carts. They have more than 2000 parts available. For more information visit http://blockbustergolfcarts.com/about-us.aspx.

Alabama Golf Carts

Alabama Golf Carts is located at 15894 York Lane in Athens, Alabama. The company distributes Club Car golf carts and they specialize in the sale of used as well as new golf cart options. This company sells a wide array of parts including custom, new, used, and golf cart salvaged components. The company offers worldwide shipping. The company has used parts for Yamaha, Club Car, Cushman, EZ Go®, Harley Davidson®, Melex, and Pargo models. For more information visit http://www.parts4carts.com.

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